House Dr. Mertens

Puntagorda, La Palma / Canary Islands, Spain


The building is set within a magnificent site, overlooking broad stretches of landscape which cascade towards the Atlantic ocean. Nearby is Puntagorda, a township located on the western coast of La Palma, the greenest of the Canary group of islands.

The design concept is a clear response to the topography and landscape of the existing surroundings. The building form opens towards the sea on the west and towards the terraced land slopes on the east. This gesture is expressed by the butterfly roof form which gives the building it´s specific character, both externally and internally.

External works, terraces, swimming pool and the pavilion, were also designed by the architects who again followed a creative process which respects the natural qualities of the site. Terraces, garden walls, paths, and the pool are set amongst indigenous flora and fauna of the island. The roof and the external walls are parts of a three-dimensional sculpture which is set upon nature. The fold of the butterfly roof is accentuated internally by a central spinal-tract which contains various services and cupboard storage. Sliding maple door-screens enable the living room to be enlarged by inter-connecting it with the common room and the main bathroom. This creates an open space with a central fireplace, an adjoining terrace, and a setting which leads the eye towards magnificent views of the surrounding landscape and the sea beyond. Even from a position within the bathtub, one can experience a sunset over the Atlantic ocean!

The house has been published under the title "1000 x European Architecture". Publisher: Braun Verlag as well as in the magazines Vogue and Madame.

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